Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Creating blank PDFs in Acrobat

One question we've been asked since the launch of Acrobat X is where the "Create PDF > From Blank Page" menu item's gone.

It's still there, kindof, just not on the menu. Instead, open the Tools Pane and under Pages > More Insert Options choose Insert Blank Page (Shift-Ctrl-Q or Shift-CMD-Q). If there's no document open this will create a new blank PDF. Unlike in Acrobat 9, there is no automatic text box applied to the new page.

However some of you will want a bit more control than that, for which we can use the app.newDoc() function. We've written a simple folder-level JavaScript, which you can download from here and extract into your Acrobat/JavaScripts folder, that adds a "new blank PDF" menu to the File menu with several page sizes to choose from. The script will work in Acrobat X and earlier versions.


  1. I tried it in Adobe Reader 9 and it shows : "Internal Error Occured"

  2. You can't create files with Adobe Reader.


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